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Innop develops internal knowledge training

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To further improve the overall quality of staff and professional and technical level,Innop carry out internal technical training in the company's conference room on May 2,2017, The training is taught by the technical department. Mainly to learn the company's product and technical details, and deepen the understanding of the company's products.

The main contents of this study include the situation of endoscopic camera system domestic and international, and the technical advantages of company's products. All employees was learning seriously, and humbly asking in the whole process of learning which show a good mental outlook .

Everyone published their own feelings and experiencesat the end of the training and generally satisfied with this training effect. We improve the konwledge of company's products and market conditions, also strengthen the knowledge of endoscopic camera system, learn more in-depth and meticulous technical, also strengthen confidence on the company's development. The new staff said that after careful study of the company's products, the company will appreciate the broad prospects for development in the near future will be able to set up their own banner, as the industry benchmark.

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