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ERP system has been successfully launched

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ERP system of Innop has been successfully launched to provide a strong impetus for production

May 5, 2017, according to Innop officially use ERP enterprise resource management system, has been successfully on the line.

With the rapid development of enterprises, the request of reduce management costs and the improvement of management efficiency are increasing. Information construction is an important way to realize management and international advanced level and reduce production cost. According to Innop introduced ERP system, Enterprise production management has improved a level.

The implementation of the ERP system using large-scale approach, according to the objectives, processes, data requirements of the three aspects of adjustment norms for all sectors of the enterprise have brought new changes. Such as the procurement section, can now be systematically purchasing control, price control, material outbound control and unsettled check; warehousing department canceled the manual account, to achieve the material out of storage control.

In the sales management and finished product management process, ERP can ensure that production, storage, shipping evidence, inventory real-time accurate, finished product can be found in time to send and receive positions, orders, excess inventory can be reflected in the order and production orders Deduction, reduced inventory backlog and waste.

In the production control process, cancel the manual open job order, manual calculation of material consumption and operating time; cancel manual scheduling, to avoid manual input scheduling information error and inefficient problem; cancel manual daily, through the machine Real-time feedback, timely understanding of job progress information; for the workshop to provide continuous improvement of decision support, the error rate greatly reduced.

Undoubtedly, by using ERP system can improve the level of management, I believe in the scientific management of information technology, Innop will be able to achieve a new round of development.

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