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Cold light source with high color rendering index for medica

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The medical application fields that can be covered by the current medical LED high-expansion index cold light source include psychotherapy, ultraviolet curing, POT therapy, photochemistry, skin rejuvenation, and disease treatment, and the application fields of medical high-expansion index cold light sources corresponding to different wavelengths are different, such as Disinfection and sterilization, biochemical instruments, phototherapy instruments; infrared physiotherapy instruments; medical endoscope light sources, surgical shadowless lamps, operating microscopes, etc. are all in different wavelength ranges. Different wavelengths also make medical LED light sources suitable for many medical fields.
The applications of cold light sources with high apparent index in the medical field can be roughly divided into the following categories:
1. Functional lighting inside and outside the hospital building
In addition to the information display of medical resources and medical guidance (referring to the display screens that have been commonly used), most of the functional lighting uses fluorescent fluorescent lamps, grille lamps, ceiling lamps, spotlights, downlights, etc.
2. Spy lighting
The cold light source with high apparent index is mainly used for lesion detection and observation. It is also a transmissive, small-angle, directional lighting lamp. Part of the internal and external medical endoscope light source. The outside of the body is movable directional lighting, such as laryngoscope lamps, dental lamps, etc. At present, halogen lamps are mainly used, and the inside of the body must cooperate with optical fibers for internal observation of the stomach, intestines, and anus.
3. Phototherapy-light radiation therapy
Phototherapy is the use of photobiological effects to promote or inhibit the growth of human skin or certain tissue cells with specific wavelengths of light to achieve the purpose of treatment. The efficacy of phototherapy is being highlighted. Use high-energy blue light between 400~420nm to treat acne; irradiate the skin with yellow light near 570nm or red light near 630nm to make the skin younger.
Compared with traditional medical light sources, high-explicit index cold light sources are more in line with the special requirements of light sources for phototherapy. It mainly has the characteristics of wide selection of light wavelength, controllable and adjustable radiant light quantity and irradiated spot, pure light color, no harmful spectral components, and electrical safety. Therefore, the high-resolution cold light source will inevitably become the preferred health light source to replace the traditional and become an effective clinical treatment method.

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