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Innop held technical knowledge training

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On the afternoon of February 27, 2017, Innop was held the first internal technical training activities of 2017. The training  taught by R & D department and all departments involved in.

The main contents of this study include the situation of endoscopic camera system domestic and international, and the technical advantages of company's products. All employees was learning seriously, and humbly asking in the whole process of learning which show a good mental outlook .

Everyone have benefited greatly through this training. We improve the konwledge of  company's products and market conditions, also strengthen the knowledge of endoscopic
camera system, learn more in-depth and meticulous technical, also strengthen confidence on the company's development. Training has been a good effect which enhance the level of staff knowledge, increased internal communication, enhance the cohesion of the company. The training added a cornerstone of sustainable development.

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