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Innop got together at the last time of 2016

Time:2018-07-12 02:38 Click:/Second

"The year was past by,
We were singing and happy together this day."

All the staff of Innop celebrated the New Year in a happy atmosphere.

The company was in a critical period of rising between the past 2016, it was also a unusual year in the company's development. Every staff made effort for the growth of the company with persist, belief, hard working and courage, pushed Innop to a new height gradually.

In the coming 2017, Innop have good future, but also have long way to go. We will continue to use our use our persist, belief, hard working and courage, follow the trend of the medical endoscope camera market, insist scientific and technological innovation, start sailing again. Everyone of Innop will writing a new brilliant hand in hand toward a higher and more distant goal in the new trip.

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