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Innop won the "national high-tech enterprise"

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Good news! Innop was identified as the national high-tech enterprises on November 21, 2016. It is very hard to get the National high-tech enterprise. that must undergo a rigorous evaluation and approval procedures, according to Innop with a number of patented technologies and strong R & D strength of the final approval of the first batch of Shenzhen in 2016 national high-tech enterprises, which marks Innop's techology and innovation are affirmed and recognized by the relevant state departments .

Innop is mainly engaged in software technology and medical endoscopic imaging system R&D and production, it is well-capitalized, always leading technology in the industry. Enterprises adhere to the "innovation and technology", always keep up with market trends, has been at the cutting edge of science and technology.

"National High-tech Enterprise" is a comprehensive evaluation and identification of the core independent intellectual property rights, scientific and technological achievements transformation ability, research and development organization and management level, growth indicators and talent structure. This award is obtained by the state of science and technology R & D and technological innovation capability fully affirmed, but also for the company's continued development of a spur and encouragement. Innop will take this opportunity to continue to increase R & D investment, strengthen the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, enhance the company's industry influence and market competitiveness, and strive to achieve the company by leaps and bounds.

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