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Innop held the first employees Badminton Tournament

Time:2018-07-12 02:28 Click:/Second

Make staff can relax themselves after work, show their positive attitude across the life, and do more team work behaviors. Shenzhen Innop Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was held the first internal staff badminton league matches on August 20th 2016. Different departments of the company staff actively participate in this activity, in the game all staff shows the indomitable spirit and excellent team work, believe they can take the spirit to life and work, isn't it. At the same time, leaders of Innop show their satisfaction and support to this activity.

Now, the game begin, each one shows his special prowess for victory, everyone show their indomitable spirit of sports, and higher team work level. This is excellent, and professional competition, the players alternate in the lead. You can see the scene atmosphere is intense, in there, the white ball flying in the air, draw a different picture, everyone is enjoyed. In the end, the game finished in harmony.

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