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In-depth analysis of medical endoscope market development

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CMEF Medical Optics Zone is a large-scale and influential professional exhibition of medical optics in the world and even in the Asia-Pacific region. It covers the ecological chain of the entire medical optics industry. It is a professional platform integrating business procurement, technical exchanges and industry trends. At the 81st China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Expo, which will be grandly opened in Qingdao World Expo City, the CMEF medical optics exhibition area has won the support of more than 60 medical optics companies worldwide, occupying half of the N2 hall, and the exhibition area exceeds 4000 Square meters, the exhibits bring together soft mirrors, hard mirrors, consumables under the mirror, supporting cleaning and disinfection products, information systems, and products related to cross-field ultrasound endoscopes, microscopes, and other subdivision fields of almost all minimally invasive surgery disciplines. Leading by industry benchmarking companies Richard Wolf, Exxon, Xeroxhui, Hangzhou Kangji, Zhejiang Tiansong, Tonglu Yiguang, Anhan Technology, the scenery of Yiguang products CMEF is unique!
In this issue, the editor will present industry information with extremely high professionalism: in-depth analysis of the development of the medical endoscope market.
Four industry knowledge you must know about endoscopes
Endoscopic minimally invasive medical technology is one of the earliest and most mature technologies in minimally invasive medical technology.
Minimally invasive endoscopic surgery has the characteristics of less trauma, short operation time, and fast postoperative recovery, and is favored by both doctors and patients.
At present, the minimally invasive technology with the endoscopy system as the core has been extended to many departments such as ENT, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, thoracic surgery, urology, pediatrics, etc., from simple laparoscopic polyp removal to heart bypass. It is involved that almost all traditional general surgical procedures can be completed by endoscopic minimally invasive surgery. Endoscope minimally invasive technology has become an indispensable technology for the diagnosis and treatment of system diseases such as digestion, respiratory, urinary, and ENT.
With the development of modern surgical procedures to limited, intelligent and minimally invasive, it is expected that the proportion of clinical applications of minimally invasive technology will reach 75%.
The development status of endoscopy minimally invasive medical market
   North America, Europe, and Japan are the main consumer markets for endoscopes. The well-known international endoscope companies Karl Storz, Wolf Brand, Olympus Japan, and Stryker USA are concentrated in these countries and regions. With the promotion and popularization of minimally invasive endoscopy technology, the global medical endoscope market has grown year by year. China's launch of minimally invasive endoscopy treatment is relatively late, but the development speed and popularity are very fast, and the market for medical endoscopes has grown rapidly. As of the end of 2012, there were about 248 domestic speculum manufacturers in China. The larger ones include Zhejiang Tiansong Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Haoke Optoelectronic Instrument Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Guangdian. Medical equipment companies, etc., have a high degree of industry concentration. Through technology introduction and absorption and independent research and development, the quality of these companies' medical endoscope products is narrowing the gap with international advanced companies, and they have even achieved breakthroughs in individual fields and are in a leading position. At present, my country's medical endoscopes have got rid of the situation of relying solely on imports, and domestic medical endoscopes account for about 30% of the market. While the domestic market share has increased, domestic endoscopes have also been exported and maintained a rapid growth momentum。

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