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Medical endoscope Cold light source pro

Product Model: INP-LUM300

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Imported 80W high color LED bulb
5700K constant color temperature
Liquid crystal display
Digitally adjusting the brightness of the light source
Accumulative fault protection measures during service time
50,000-hour service life
Compatible with 10mm optical output interface
Up to 41℃ surface temperature, low heat
Up to 55dB (A) work noise
AC 220V power supply, low power
Stable performance in the wide temperature range, 5℃~40℃
Anti surge 500V
Electrostatic protection (contact discharge 8KV/ air discharge 15KV)
Dual switch protection, standby/power
With different endoscopes for different departments
Compatible with high frequency electric knifes without interference
One-year warranty, ten-year maintenance

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