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Medical endoscope Host-Standard

Product Model: INP-200

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1/2.8” Panasonic 2 mega pixel CMOS imaging sensor
Support DVI/VGA/SDI HD video output
5” secondary LCD
NTSC/PAL menu switch
Digital HD 1080P, analog 1100TVL definition
Fixed 60/50 frame live effects, without image tail
Support white balance correction
Support screen freezing function
Support smoke abating, anti-reflection, light eliminating and compensation
AC 220V power supply, low power
Stable performance in the wide temperature range, 10℃~+50℃
Anti surge 500V
Electrostatic protection (contact discharge 8KV/ air discharge 15KV)
Support OSD multi menu controls
Different endoscopes for different departments
Compatible with high frequency electric knifes without interference
One-year warranty, ten-year maintenance

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