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  • Quality Supervisor
    Monthly salary:6000-8000 yuan / month                          Working place:Shenzhen
    Release date:Recent                                                       The nature of work:full time
    Work experience:1-3 years                                              Education:Junior College
    Number:1 people

    Post duties:
    1 develop test plans according to product design requirements design test data and test cases;
    2. Execute test cases effectively and submit test reports.
    3 accurately locate and track problems and promote timely and reasonable solutions.
    4 complete the integration testing and system testing of the products testing the software function performance and other aspects of the products.
    5 produce product operation guide book complete product production import work produce product inspection standard write product specification sample test PCBA sample production.
    1. Bachelor degree or above majored in medicine biology electronics automation and other related fields.
    2. Be familiar with the use of all kinds of electronic instruments and instruments strong reading and writing skills in English and familiar with all kinds of electronic components.
    3. More than two years experience in functional testing or system software testing of electronic products preferably in medical industry.
    4 have good communication ability.