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Innop completed installed medical endoscopic camera system

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In September 22, 2016, Innop completed installed and commissioned medical endoscopic camera system formally of INP-300 series machine, marking Innop embarked on a new level.

INP-300 series of medical endoscope camera system, is a new product which can be used for research and development in surgery, orthopedics, gynecology and other departments. It use 60 high-definition COMS which has big viewing angle and good imaging results. Full HD picture make details more clearly in operation. It is also meeting the demand of the screen clarity, image reduction, can make every operation is accurate, greatly reducing the risk of surgery.

In order to celebrate the official production of the new-generation medical endoscope camera system, Innop organizes a dinner to encourage all employees to work hard in their peacetime, and commends the comrades who have made special contributions. Innop is planning the next development, and encourage employees to work hard together that make Innop became a boutique medical enterprises with excellent quality products.

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